How early in the wedding planning process should I book you to photography our wedding?

The timing of booking your wedding photographer will depend upon several factors.

First consider what time of year you’re getting married.  If your wedding will be during the most pleasant months in your area, during a holiday, or on another popular date, you may want to consider booking your photographer as early as 12 to 18 months ahead of time.  If photography is very important to you, you will also want to book as early as possible even if your date does not fall into one of those busy periods.  If you would like to choose me to photograph your wedding, call me to confirm my availability before signing the contract with your venue. In any event, it’s in your best interest to have your wedding photographer booked at least 10 months in advance.

How should I determine my photography budget?

Before asking yourself how much you should allocate for your wedding photography, first gauge the importance and the amount of emphasis your wedding photography will play in remembering your big day.  Many couples believe after apportioning as much money as they have already on their wedding day that preserving those memories are the greatest investment they can make.  Obviously, base your budget on what you anticipate you can afford and then attempt to imagine just beyond that realm.  Endeavour to allow your eye to decide – not your wallet – what captures the way you’ve always imagined preserving those special memories.

How do I find the right wedding photographer?

You should choose a wedding photographer based on several considerations.  First, of course, you must love their work.  Look for a photographer whose work moves you, whose style you love, and who tells a story the way you want your story to be told.  If you don’t love the pictures, nothing else matters.

The second factor to consider is personality.  Your wedding photographer will be with you and your fiancé for a significant portion of your wedding day, and you will have close dealings with him or her both before and after the wedding.  You need to make sure that you feel comfortable.

One way to gauge this is to ask yourself: “Would my fiancé and I be friends with this photographer even if we weren’t getting married?” If the answer to this question is “yes,” then you are that much closer to hiring the right wedding photographer for you.

Someone I know has offered to do our wedding photography for $700 and give us the digital files.  Wouldn’t that be a great way to save money?

Wedding photography is similar to other services in that there are people operating at all levels of experience and expertise.

Pricing is one way that those with the most experience or expertise distinguish themselves.  So, if you commission a wedding photographer who will shoot all day and hand over the files for such a low price, you may not be getting the quality images that you’d hoped for. Wedding photographers operating at this level are often either beginners with little experience or casual part-time shooters. Most professional wedding photographers have invested hundreds of hours perfecting their craft, from the actual use of the camera to the skill and artistic ability required to create the perfect album design. Keep in mind that operating any small business incurs expenses, and professional photography is no exception.  This includes not only standard photographic equipment, but also more specialised items, backup equipment and INSURANCE.

Insurance is very important.  There is the possibility that in the fine print of your contract with your venue, it could say something along the lines of . . . should anything go wrong with anyone that you contract to take part in your wedding day and they are not covered by thier own insurance, you become liable for any additional costs incurred by the venue.  If your photographers lighting stand falls over and causes a fire, you want your photographer to have public liability insurance.

Wedding photographers who charge such a low rate may have neither the insurance, the backup gear should something go wrong nor the experience to ensure an excellent end result in unpredictable circumstances.

Can I give you magazine clippings of certain poses I want?

Absolutely. This will help me to get to know your style and taste.  Wedding photographs will evolve as we get to know each other over the course of the day.  Starting with a posed shot will often help to be two steps ahead and then lead into something much more beautiful and relaxed than you had ever hoped for.

How do I find an affordable wedding photographer?

For sure “Affordable” is a relative term.  What may be affordable to you might be out of reach for someone else.  What it boils down to is how you get what you want within your predetermined wedding photography budget.  When you begin your photographer search don’t be discouraged if you have your mind set on a particular photographer but you’re unsure if they will fit within your budget.  I offer a shorter length coverage that can help to fit within your budget.  I am open an up-front about my pricing and there are no hidden costs that you will find out about after your wedding day.  I offer time payment terms and also a wedding photography gift registry service.  I will do everything that I can to make sure that your wedding photography is hassle free and everything that you dream it to be.