Will you be taking pictures of me in my underwear?

The simple answer to this question is, not if you don’t want me to.

For many brides, putting on the dress is a moment full of excitement, anticipation, and even joyful tension.  The people helping you—perhaps your mum and your friends—are so happy for you.  This is the moment when it all becomes real for many brides.  The dress is on and you’re ready to go.  For these reasons, I appreciate being in the room with you.  I will be respectful of your feelings and will leave the room if that is your wish.  I can also turn away at the most delicate moments of the dressing process, or simply take photos of your face, so the moment is recorded, but there are no photos of you in your underwear.  Let me know your preferences, because above all, I want you to feel completely comfortable.  I would not take a photograph of you that I would not want taken of myself!

Can we get a group shot of everyone at the wedding?

A group shot of all your guests can be done with careful preparation on the part of you, me, and your guests.  Talk to me about how many people are expected to be in the photo, and where and when the photo should be taken.  A great time to record a group shot is right after the ceremony, and this can be arranged by putting a note in the program informing guests that their presence is requested as soon as the service ends.  Alternately, the officiant can make an announcement toward the end of the ceremony so that everyone remains for the photo.

Will you allow our friends to take pictures at the wedding?

No doubt your friends and family are excited to attend your wedding and will want to take pictures, too.  This is welcomed however at the same time, you don’t want your guests to block your professional wedding photographer or somehow prevent me from capturing an image.  For example, a guest who steps out into the aisle during the ceremony to get a picture may be visible in that priceless photo of your dad walking you down the aisle.  Or, by taking pictures along with the wedding photographer during the formal-portrait session, a picture-taking guest may cause you or others in the shot to look away from me and toward the camera of a guest. This will slow down my picture-taking process considerably.  But as long as your guests do not impact on my job of capturing your day beautifully, there should be no issue with them taking pictures at your wedding.

What does full photographic coverage mean?

Full photographic coverage means that I will capture every significant event of your wedding day, from bridal portraits prior to your ceremony to cutting the cake and your first dance.

How long will the location photographs take?

As with any big event planning is the key.  If you are able to have a time line written up for me then this will help to ensure that your guests will not spend hours waiting for you to arrive back at your wedding reception.  With a time line I can then plan your location shoot locations and shots in a timely and orderly fashion.  Your guests will expect you to be away for some time for location shots so make sure that you have been a responsible host and let your guests know where they can go in the meantime and ensure that there are plenty of nibbles available.