What is the easiest way to lose 15kg before the wedding?

The simple answer is don’t.  There is nothing worse than meeting a bride a week before her wedding, who has sunken eyes, pale skin and limp hair from starving herself for the last two months.  No matter what size you are, if your wedding dress fits you well you will look stunning.  There are simple posing techniques that will help to minimise any trouble spots.  As long as you discuss your concerns with me prior to your big day you will have nothing to worry about.

Can you avoid the red eye effect in our wedding photographs?

The red eye effect—in which the eyes seem to have another-worldly glow—is actually the result of a quick bursts of light bouncing off the eye’s retina and being reflected back toward the camera.  The red eye effect is more common when the lighting is very low, thus causing the pupils to open up to a wider size.  I have various techniques for avoiding red eye when shooting your pictures, one of the most common: Keeping the flash a short distance away from the camera lens.  If the flash is very, very, close to the lens, as is the case with many consumer point-and-shoot cameras, red eye will often result.  If red eye is unavoidable, we will use various software techniques to correct images in which the problem occurs.

Are there some hairstyles that look better or worse in wedding photographs?

Most people will go for the styles that emphasize their good features and avoid styles that emphasize what they’re trying to hide.  A very important factor to consider is the weather—particularly wind.  Be sure to consider how your hair will look if there is a breeze blowing, especially if you are having an outdoor ceremony.  If you’re taking any photographs outdoors, then a style that involves loose hair will be more challenging.  A style that has most of your hair pinned or tied back but leaves tendrils framing the face could negatively impact your wedding photographs because you may find yourself pushing the tendrils out of your face all day long.  When you don’t push the tendrils away, the photograph will obscure your eyes- your most expressive feature!  Keep in mind that if you use glitter-spray on your hair, it could end up on the groom’s suit and give the appearance of dandruff in photographs.

Are there certain types of bridesmaid dresses that don’t photograph well?

There are gorgeous dresses in every shape and colour that photograph well.  What’s really important is that the personalities of your bridesmaids shine through.  The key to this is making sure everyone feels comfortable and confident in what they’re wearing.  If your bridesmaid’s dress is two sizes too big, she may be slipping out of it all day and her discomfort will be evident in your wedding photographs.  Many bridal stores now carry lines of bridesmaid dresses that use the same fabric in a variety of styles.  This is an easy way to let each of your bridesmaids choose the dress best suited to her figure and personality.  If everyone looks and feels great, they will definitely shine in your wedding photographs.

In some wedding photographs I have seen, the bride has an extremely white face. What causes this?

The ghost look is caused by wearing foundation that contains SPF. The SPF works by reflecting light away from your skin thus making your skin appear white when a flash is used. To avoid this ensure your make-up artist does not use any foundation or finishing powder containing SPF.