Can I post my wedding photographs on my own website, blog or Facebook etc?

Photographs taken by Borrowed Light Photography Studio are copyrighted and you do need our permission to display them online.  We would be happy to hear that you can’t wait to show off your images, but we will want to ensure the quality of the work being presented.  I will present you with web-ready images for you to post on request, provided you keep my logo on the bottom showing credit for my hard work!

Will you email pictures to our florist and hairdresser?

Each wedding photographer works differently and I like to form good relationships with other wedding vendors, which in turn can lead to word-of-mouth recommendations to potential clients on both sides.  Florists and Hairdressers are always on the lookout for good pictures of their work, and there’s no better way for them to get high-quality photographs than to obtain them from the official wedding photographer. So at your request photographs can be forwarded to your florist and hairdresser.

Can I choose black-and-white, sepia, or colour for any shot?

Images captured on my cameras can be converted later to black-and-white or sepia.  Just clarify your preferences with me before your wedding to ensure that I can deliver the kind of images you want.

How quickly will we receive our wedding album?

Several factors will determine how quickly you’ll get your wedding album.  The first factor: how quickly you select your photos for the album!  Once the photos are selected, the album design process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the number of revisions you want.  After you’ve approved the album layout, the pages are printed and then assembled into album form.  This can be a very time consuming task.  Anything from a few weeks to a few months because all of the work is done by hand.  Add in the time it takes to ship the product, and you can estimate how long it will take to receive your wedding album.  Also keep in mind that with the arrival of spring, couples tend to take a strong interest in getting their albums completed in time for Christmas.  Queensberry face an increase in submissions this time of year, so the best advice for getting your album quickly is to select your photos as soon as possible after the wedding.