borrowed-light-wedding-9borrowed-light-wedding-8Each wedding is unique, and the photography for your wedding should reflect your individuality as a couple and the special event that you are creating to express your love for one another.  The right photographer for your wedding will capture images that will create life-long memories for you and your family.

My photographic style is to closely follow the action of the day, catching those tender moments, laughs among friends, glances between loved ones, as well as gently directing some warm and loving scenes designed especially for you.  All of these images then come together to become the storybook of your wedding day. Through artistic vision and highly skilled processing, I strive to create images that express the emotion and beauty of each wedding that I photograph.

Bridal Portraits

Every blushing bride should have amazing portraits of herself in her perfect wedding gown. Weather photographed on location, outdoors or in a studio, bridal portraits should reflect the tone of your wedding as well as your personality.

If you choose to have formal bridal portraits your portrait session will take place on the morning of your wedding. You will need to ensure that you include this time into your wedding day plan. Plan on setting aside an hour and a half for your portrait session before you leave for your wedding ceremony.

The happily ever after

One of the best parts of a wedding photographer’s job is seeing the looks on the faces of the newlyweds when they first see their wedding photographs. Your viewing session will take place in my studio, by appointment, approximately six to eight weeks after your wedding. This appointment is scheduled for two hours, so make sure you have plenty of time on your hands.

I will have already spoken to you about your album and will present to you a slideshow of your photographs in an album format so that we have a starting point for designing your album. At this time you confirm selections for your album, as well as placing print orders. Prints are typically delivered within approximately four weeks.


Wedding photography pricing starts at $4,200.00 and include a beautiful
Queensberry wedding album and full resolution copy of your images.