Ashburton_Portrait_Photographer_011The way that I like to photograph my family portraits is to meet with as many people in the family as possible and discuss what it is about your family and your way of life that you want to capture.  I treat it as a lot more than just a 30 minute session where I take only posed pictures of the traditional family combinations, taken in a random garden, rushing, so that I don’t run late for the next six families that I have booked in on the same day.

I still photograph the traditional family portrait but in the 1-2 hour (or longer!) portrait session, I also make sure that I am able to capture the essence of the members of your family, the love you have for one another and your unique bond with each other.

I photograph a maximum of four sittings per week.  That way I am able to give the appropriate amount of care and attention required to each family, which I would not be able to do if I took on any more sittings than that.

When you call me about your family portrait I will want to meet you and your family in your own home.  This enables me to see your family’s style and individual way of life.  It allows your children to see you interacting with me so that I am no longer a stranger to them.  They can introduce me to their teddy bear (who will also want be in the family portrait), the painting that they did at pre-school that is proudly displayed on the fridge and share with me what it is that they want to be photographed doing.  This will mean that on the day of your family portrait sitting, there is less likely to be any shyness toward me and they hopefully won’t mind Teddy Bear coming to help me push the button on my camera.  It also means that they will have a fantastic story to tell about how their teddy bear took the family portrait.

Ashburton_Portrait_Photographer_9During this meeting I have a lot of questions that I will ask you. These questions are helping me to build a picture in my mind of your family. We will discuss what you want as an end result of your photography session. Do you want a large framed family portrait? Do you want a series of canvases that tell the story of your families favourite things? Do you want a family portrait album that chronicles a day in the life of your family?

We will book a date for your family’s portrait sitting that suits everyone. We don’t want Dad running late and turning up with a bloody piece of toilet paper stuck to his chin because we did not allow him enough time to get home from work, shower, shave, change and drive to where we all need to be. I want this to be a fun, relaxing and enjoyable experience for you and your entire family.

The more relaxed you are, the happier you will feel and the better you will look in your family portrait.

At the same time as we book your family portrait sitting, we will book your ordering appointment.  This will take place roughly a week after your family portrait sitting.  This will again be in your own home, more than likely in the evening once the younger members of your family have gone to bed.  This will mean that you are able to give your families photographs your full attention.  I will present your photographs to you in a personalised slideshow on an iPad, that you can watch a couple of times.  The iPad is able to be hooked up to your television via an HDMI cable if you have the technology available.  From there we will identify your favourite images, and then we will decide how you would like to display your images in your home.

Ashburton_Portrait_Photographer_008I have an application on my iPad called Preveal that allows me to show you what your images will look like on your own walls!  I know, cool aye!  So we can run through a variety of size frames or canvases in a variety of locations in your home to make sure that what you are choosing is what is right for you.

One product does not suit everyone.  One size framed portrait will not suit every home.  I will offer you my honest professional opinion.  I will not try and up-sell you to the largest and most expensive product that I have on offer.  I will help you to decide which products will be the best investment for your family.  There won’t be any expensive surprises for you to try and deal with as you will have been given a full pricelist when you first enquired with me.

We understand that the current economic climate is tough for a lot of people at the moment.  Due to popular demand we now offer finance through Gilrose Finance.  When using Gilrose Finance you receive your portraits as soon as they are ready.  We also have payment terms available where you can make payments over a set amount of time and receive your portraits once they have been paid for.  This is a complimentary service and you will not be charged any extra account or setup fees.  I want to do my best to enable you to have the precious moments of your family captured forever.