My name is Rebecca Watson.  I am a qualified and accredited member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography with over ten years experience as a professional photographer.  I have experience photographing weddings, family portraits, commercial photography, corporate portraits, business headshots, sports photography and event photography  I am an award winning photographer on a national level.  I am also a wife and a mum.

Photography is not that simple these days is it!  Anyone with a camera can call themselves a photographer in this day in age.  So I will try and tell you what makes me a little different than the swarms of other photographers out there.

I love photographing people, that is a given.  But also, when I photograph you and your family I will provide you with more that just a disk of data.  I will provide you with top quality – potential family heirlooms – that you can feel, see and touch in the form of a piece of art to hang on your wall or an album to display in your home.  I love the fact that the families that I photograph choose to have big and beautiful portraits of themselves on their walls and are reminded everyday of the amazing bond that they share with a very select group of incredibly important people.

The photographs that I create are more than just snapshots.  They are more than just an image on a piece of paper.  They are happiness.  They are love.  They are family.  They are you!

I take the time to get to know you and your family; I actually want to get to know your family.  I want to meet the members of your family and find out about you all, your lives and your history.  What makes you happy and what you want to capture about your lives today, to share as memories with your family in the future.  I want to know about your family places and why they are special to your family.  I want to know about the quirky family traditions that you have.  I want to know about your families pets.  I want to know about your history so far so I can help you preserve a visual representation of your family history for the future.  I want to know about the spot where Dad proposed to Mum and I want to know about the big old walnut tree in the middle of nowhere that was planted by Great Granddad on the family farm 80 years ago.

But for me the most important thing is that I want you to know what it is like to be photographed and enjoy the experience.

I want you to be excited about viewing your images for the first time.  I want you to trust me and know that I will not photograph you in any way that is unflattering. It may feel uncomfortable but you will look fabulous!  I want you to be confident about being photographed by me, knowing that I am not going to photograph you in any way that I would not want to be photographed myself.  I want this experience to be another happy memory in your lives.

For more information about my experience and education you can read more HERE on the blog.

Even a photographer cringes at the thought of having a family portrait taken. But when you have a photographer that you can trust, it makes it a little easier. Photographed by Angela Jones of God’s True Beauty Photography.